Casters - Light Duty Solid Polyurethane

Solid Polyurethane wheels have the advantage of a one piece design which eliminates tread de-bonding failures you see on polyurethane wheels with iron or polyolefin cores while still providing high capacities & excellent durability. They are 100% washable & steam cleanable; they will not be effected by grease, oils, most chemicals, cleaning solutions, blood or brine. These wheels offer more floor protection, non-marking treads, quieter rolling, & smoother rides compared to steel or phenolic wheels while still providing comparable load capacities.

These wheels will be slightly higher in price compared to the polyurethane on polyolefin wheels but you will not have to worry about the tread de-bonding which means less down time and maintenance. This will add up to serious savings over the life of the caster. If you don’t see what you need or have questions, contact us, we are happy to help.