Wheels - Metal Wheels

Shop here for steel & metal caster wheels. Metal caster wheels offer the highest weight capacity and perform well in severe and abusive applications, however, they are the harshest caster wheel type for floors. For floor protective wheels, be sure to check out our polyurethane wheels.

These heavy duty casters wheels come in several types of metal. The difference between theses industrial steel wheels is listed below. We offer even more products that are not on our site! If you don’t see what you need or have questions, contact us, we are happy to help.

Sintered Iron: made from super compressed powdered iron into wheel molds that a strong, durable, attractive, & cost effective solution for light-medium duty loads

Heavy Duty Cast Iron: made from cast metal with thicker spokes and hubs than standard cast iron wheels. Offers a durable and cost effective solution for heavy loads

Ductile Steel: made from a combination of alloys that give it a higher weight capacity than cast iron and is more economical than forged steel.

Forged Steel: made from ASTM 1045 high carbon steel that is hot drop forged. Offers the maximum weight capacity, impact strength, and durability of all the metal wheels.