Popular Caster Topics

Before I Purchase Casters

Finding the right Caster pt 1 7-10 Minutes Read

This is guide to giving you the information you need to know prior to purchasing a caster. Learn some of the basics about casters mounting solutions, capacity & more

Caster Configurations

Where do i place my Casters? 1-2 Minute Read

Here, you can find some great ideas on some surprisingly great combinations that are not only useful, but budget friendly as well.                                                                                            

Just Brakes

Our Guide to Caster Brakes 10-15 minute Read

Find out about all the different types of brakes offered for casters & see which one works best for your application. See which combos work best for you.                                                                                        

More Caster Topics


Hollow Tubing  

How to Mount Casters in Hollow Tubing          

There are two methods to install casters into a hollow tubing. You can install a socket/adapter into the hollow tubing which enables a caster to be mounted to the tubing or simply press a caster into the tubing.                         11-12 Minute Read   


Caster Bearings

It's What's On The Inside That Counts          

Caster bearings can be a point of failure for your caster depending on your application. Gain some insight on the many types of bearing options available & find one that's just right for you.    7-8 Minute Read   


Replacing Your Wheel

How To Get the Right Size Wheel          

Learn how to replace industrial & casters wheels with a few tips to make the job easier. Find out how to measure your wheel to get the exact same size or same profile.    3-4 Minute Read   


Free Shipping Isn't Free

Why We Dont Offer Free Shipping        

Learn about the truth of "free shipping" & why free shipping is bad for the consumer. Become a more educated consumer with some tips to save some money on shipping no matter where you shop.   3-4 Minute Read   


Office Chair Casters

Guide to Finding The Right Casters For Your Chair          

Learn how to replace your chair casters with casters that suit your office/gaming environment, style floor & needs.   8-10 Minute Read   


The Warehouse

Keep Your Behind the Scenes Operations Rolling                      

Warehouses tend to have the save type of environments that's out of the elements & floors that are made of smooth concrete. Read about casters that work well in warehouses.   4-5 Minute Read   


Floor Locks or Brake Casters

What Works Best For You?                        

Floor locks allow you to lock your equipment from a single point instead of multiple points while becoming more secure with more weight. See why floor locks might be a better option for you.    3-4 Minute Read


High Temp Casters  

High Temperatures & Hot Casters                    

Here's a brief guide to high temp casters & their limitations depending on the environment they will reside in. Gain some insight on your casters that are suited for your situation.     3-4 Minute Read


Heavy Duty Plastic (Polyolefin)

High Value Low Cost                    

Plastic casters are among the most popular industry standard casters that are resistant to chemicals, oils, grease, some acids & steam at a economic price point. See why plastic casters might be for you.    2-3 Minute Read


Toolbox, Job Box & Gangbox

A Guide for Toolbox Casters                    

  Find out about the most common types of casters used for toolboxes. Whether its moving around a lot or little, there's a caster to fit your need & situation.    3-4 Minute Read


Salvage What's Good

What to Replace on a Caster & When?                    

When your down a caster, you don't necessarily need to buy a new one. Learn about the components of a caster & what/when something need to be replaced.    3-4 Minute Read


Polyurethane Vs TPR

Choosing the right FLOOR PROTECTIVE Caster for you

Polyurethane & thermoplastic rubber casters are the main floor protective casters to go to. Read up on the difference between them & why one may suit your needs better.   3-4 Minute Read