Light Duty Steel Wheels

Shop here for semi-pneumatic wheels. The light duty steel wheels are flat free and are often found on lawn furniture, carts, wagons, light duty hand trucks, barbecue grills, trash containers, and other light duty applications.

If you are trying to match an existing wheel, do the following. First, check to see if there is a size already on the wheel, for example, 6 x 1.5. If a size is not provided, measure the wheels outside diameter and width. Next, check the hub length. The hub length is the measurement if you were to stick a measuring tape through the wheel and measure from end to end. Note that some hubs are offset, meaning that protrude further to one side, and some are centered, meaning they protrude the same distance to each side. Finally, measure the bearing ID. The bearing ID will be the same as the shaft size. Once you have these measurements you can find the matching wheel.

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