Parts - Raceway Seals

Raceway seals provide protections from dirt and debris entering the bearings in the swivel section improving grease retention and prolonging the life of the caster. Please note that standard raceway seal can withstand 140˚F while high temp seals are good for 350 ˚F.

Similar to raceway seals, thread guards protect the wheel hub and axle from potentially harmful dirt and debris like threads, hair, shrink wrap, etc. Please note that thread guards can not be used with plain bore wheels. The wheel must have some sort of bearing, for example, a ball bearing or rollering bearing. 

Bumpers are an excellent way to help protect equipment and walls from dents, scratches, and other costly damage. We offer even more products that are not on our site! If you don’t see what you need or have questions, contact us, we are happy to help.