Polyurethane Wheels

Shop all types of polyurethane wheels and learn about the pros and cons of each type below. Polyurethane wheels are designed to handle heavy duty weights while providing floor protection, non-marking treads, quieter rolling, and smoother rides. We offer heavy duty polyurethane wheels as well as low profile light duty poly wheels. We offer wheels sizes from 2" up to 20" in diameter and up to 9,000 Lbs capacity. Not all of our polyurethane wheels are listed yet, especially the larger ones, so if you don’t see what you need or have questions, contact us, we are happy to help.

Wheel Types Explained:

Polyurethane on Iron: These polyurethane on iron wheels are going to offer the highest capacities of all the polyurethane wheel types, especially when you get to the larger diameter wheels. These wheels are made by chemically molding a polyurethane tread wheel to a heavy duty cast iron core producing a very durable wheel. We recommend this wheel for customers who need maximum capacity polyurethane wheels.

Polyurethane on Aluminum: These polyurethane on aluminum wheels are considered the premium polyurethane wheel. They offer similar capacities of the polyurethane on cast iron wheels but have the added benefit of being lighter, easier to roll, resistant to rust / corrosion, and a mechanically bonded tread helping to prevent the tread from de-bonding from the core. We recommend this wheel for customer looking for the easiest rolling, longest lasting polyurethane wheel.

Polyurethane on Polyolefin: These polyurethane on polyolefin core wheels are very popular for their economical price point. These wheels are made by mechanically molding a polyurethane tread to a polyolefin core. These wheels can be offered in several colors, so if you don't see the color you want, let us know. We recommend these wheels for customers who do not need the capacity of the poly on iron or poly on aluminum wheels, or for customers looking for an economical price.

Solid Polyurethane: These solid polyurethane wheels have the advantage of a one piece design which eliminates tread de-bonding failures you see on polyurethane on iron or polyolefin cores while still providing high capacities and excellent durability. They are 100% washable and steam cleanable. They are not affected by grease, oils, most chemicals, cleaning solutions, blood, or brine. We recommend these wheels for customers needing a poly tread wheel that is designed for wash downs / cleanings, or for customers who want to avoid tread de-bonding.