Casters - Industrial Poly on Iron Wheels

Shop poly on iron wheel casters with capacities up to 1,500 lbs! These industrial casters offer more floor protection, non-marking treads, quieter rolling, & smoother rides compared to steel or phenolic wheels while still providing comparable load capacities. These polyurethane on iron wheels are going to be more durable & heavier duty than a polyurethane on polyolefin wheel, but heavier and slightly more difficult to get rolling than a polyurethane on aluminum core wheel. These poly on iron wheels are recommended when you need heavy duty polyurethane wheel but do not want to pay for the premium poly on aluminum castor wheels. These wheels can be used in most applications, but are not recommended for hot or cold applications, or when left in direct sunlight for most of their use.

Poly on Iron wheels come in variety of colors, tread thickness & durometer to meet your application needs. While the color doesn’t affect performance, tread thickness and durometer will. Typically the thicker the tread the more capacity the wheel can handle. The durometer affects the amount of cushion provided. 

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