Whether your adding or replacing casters, there are plenty of solutions for you. We offer a vast amount of styles & colors to suit your needs. Keep in mind that some of these casters are more decorative than functional. When faced with this dilemma, consider whether or not this caster will be moved often or even at all. Especially consider that if your going for the industrial look, steel is harsh to floors & WILL CAUSE DAMAGE ON FLOORS THAT NEED PROTECTION like hardwood & tile if moved around. Carpet should be fine, but proceed with caution. If floor protection is needed, our urethane tread casters will protect your floors. We also offer furniture moving solutions with our solid deck & H-frame furniture dollies. Tri-wheel dollies are also available for general purpose needs; can help move tables that are too long in length. If you need more equipment to help make your next move a breeze, check out our MOVING collection found on the MORE APPLICATIONS page. For more info or expertise, contact us or give us a call at 713-227-1144.

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