These products can help make your next move a breeze. Our solid oak H-Frame furniture dollies are equipped with floor protecting wheels that can be used to move general furniture pieces. Available with a solid deck frame as well. The casters below are replacement casters for the H-Frame & solid deck dollies Tri-wheel dollies are general use dollies, great for items that may be too long for a H-Frame furniture dolly. Our selection of hand trucks below are great for stacking boxes. Our appliance Hand trucks are made to protect your appliances from damage during the moving process. Regular Hand trucks typically have a long plate that could potential go underneath the hollow area of appliances & crush hoses & wires. Appliance hand trucks plates are small & they come with a strap to secure your appliance to the frame. Our website is under construction, not all of our products are available.We also have Magline hand trucks available in store & ready to ship. For questions or ideas on how to make your next move a breeze contact us, we have many years of expertise & know a thing or two.