Case Casters

Case casters are meant to go on road cases that are used to carry sound & entertainment equipment. These casters must be ready for all types of environments & terrains. The caster of choice for road cases are casters with elastic rubber wheels. Elastic rubber is similar to thermoplastic rubber in many ways. Both types of rubbers are resistant to chemicals, water, steam & reject floor debris. Both types have a soft tread allows them roll over uneven floors, rocks & bumps while protecting the floors they roll on. The main difference between them is the capacity, resilience, durability & its ability to reject debris such as metal shavings and dirt. We find that casters with elastic rubber wheels can give you up to 100 lbs. more than a thermoplastic wheel in the same caster configuration. Elastic rubber is resilient & gives more cushion than thermoplastic rubber. Elastic rubber is a premium wheel & is known to last longer than thermoplastic rubber wheels. If you have any questions or need any suggestions gives us a call at (713)-227-1144 or contact us