Bearing Options for 3" Wide Wheel Casters

Roller Bearings: These bearings, also known as needle bearings, are our most common bearing style and have been a staple of the caster industry for years. We recommend them for most applications.


EZ Roll Ball Bearings: These maintenance free bearings are considered and upgrade to the more common roller bearings. They offer an easier and smoother roll, while also reducing noise. We recommend these bearings for customer looking for the easiest rolling bearings or for applications requiring speeds over 3mph.


Tapered Bearings: These bearings, also known as Timken or cup and cone bearings are designed to handle the heavy duty loads. They are impact resistant and excellent in higher speed applications such as towlines. We recommend these bearings for applications requiring the most durable bearing option or for speeds over 3mph.


High Temp Tin Bronze: These bearings are maintenance free and designed for temperatures up to 1300°F, however, the temperature range will depend on the wheel. The options listed will note the temp range for each caster. We recommend this bearing option for customer seeking the most durable high temp bearing option.